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Club News

20th July 2015 Admin


Siberian CC It recently came to our attention that the Siberian Cat Club had agreed breeder membership to a breeder who has broken the SCC code of ethics. Several breeder members have challenged this membership, however the committee has seen fit to continue the inclusion of the breeder in question on the breederlist and to allow them to advertise on the SCC website.
I will not go into the nature of the complaints here, as the challenge is still ongoing by a very respected reputable breeder of Siberians. Suffice as to say I have removed my listing and will not be renewing my membership of a club, who prefer to support unethical breeders.

Viking CC I am not longer a Viking! Sadly, as my time is taken up with other things, as the shows have moved south and as I do not have enough time to take up the challenge of organising a show up North right now, I have decided not to renew my membership of this club. However, it complete contrast to the above I would not hesitate to support membership of this wonderful group. I have very much enjoyed my time with the Vikings and the shows! I wish them every success in the future.