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Cattery News

20th July 2015 Admin


We are happy to announce that we have another grandchild on the way, so after a great deal of soul searching and thought, we have decided that we will be reducing the size of our cattery to give us more time to spend with the family.
We had considered stopping this year, but as we have already invested a great deal of time and money into bringing new bloodlines into the UK from Europe, we would like to combine these with our current lines over the next 12 months. Hopefully, if all goes well, we will be offering one or two suitable females from these combinations to a reputable breeder to continue these lines which will be unique to the UK.
After this we may retain just one or two girls. We will also have a couple of boys who we will show and will be offered at stud as long as there is work for them!
If you are interested in taking up the gauntlet, and feel you might be the right person to take the work of our cattery forward into the next decade, contact me and let me know about yourself and your dreams for the Siberian Cat!