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Zhelana Russian Character

3rd May 2019 Admin


Nafanya Siberian Sapphire x Ch Uslada S Beregov Nevy
19 December 2017

Zhelana has joined us from the Cattery Russian Character in the Russian Federation; she is a black blotched (classic) female whoes pedigree contains many golden cats.
Pedigree:on request
Feline Blood Type Results; A or AB (does not carry b)
Pyruvate kinaise deficiency (PKDef) Results; Normal
Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) Results; Normal
Progessive retinal atrophy (rdAc): Results; Normal
CS gene: Results; Does not carry colourpoint
Dilute gene: Results; Does not carry dilute (blue)
Chocolate Coat Colour: Results; Does not carry Chocolate
Cinnamon Coat Colour: Results; Does not carry Cinnamon
Burmese Coat Colour: Results; Does not carry Burmese colouration
Tested 2nd May 2019, Langford Diagnostic Services.

*normal - does not have the condition or carry the gene

Kittens from Zhelana can be registered with all registries. Kittens can be shown in the UK with GCCF, and FIFe; kittens should be able to be shown in all registries outside of the UK (subject to individual club policies).

Our thanks to Anna for this lovely friendly girl.
Litter 1: June 2019