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Witchfyre Krasni Kirill

6th May 2019 Admin

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Goldenesima Alexandr x Witchfyre Moya
10 September 2014

Kirill is Avatar's ful brother; he is a red blotched (classic) male who is genetically golden.
Kirill was awarded Best of breed kitten and best SLH kitten at Lancashire CC 2015 Show.
Pedigree:on request
PKD *normal (parents)
PKdef *normal (parents)

Goldenesima Alexandr:
PKD *normal
PKdef *normal
Tested 26th February 2016, Langford Diagnostic Services

Witchfyre Moya:
PKD *normal
PKdef *normal
Tested 3rd February 2016, Langford Diagnostic Services

*normal - does not have the condition or carry the gene

Litter 1: With CH Witchfyre Silvalaska ~ DOB 21st May 2018; two gorgeous red/red silver boys

Kittens from Kirill can be registered with all registries. Kittens can be shown in the UK with GCCF, and FIFe; kittens should be able to be shown in all registries outside of the UK (subject to individual club policies).