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Wesley Phantom Cats CZ

6th April 2019 Admin

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CH Gabriel Xerxes x Yustina Sibirskaya Rapsodiya
6th June 2018

Wesley is from the Cattery Phantom Cats in the Czech Republic; we hope to show Wesley in 2019. He is a lovely spotted brown tabby who also has dilute and NEM in his pedigree.
Pedigree:on request
Feline Blood Type A or AB (does not carry b)
Pyruvate kinaise deficiency (PKDef) Results; normal*
Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) Results; normal*
Progessive retinal atrophy (rdAc): Results; normal*
CS gene: Results; colourpoint carrier
Dilute gene: Results; dilute carrier
Chocolate Coat Colour: Results; does not carry chocolate
Cinnamon Coat Colour: Results; does not carry cinnamon
Burmese Coat Colour: Results; does not carry Burmese colouration
Tested 9-11th April 2019, Langford Diagnostic Services.

HCM clear to date (pedigree)
Gabriel Xerxes CZ:
HCM Normal (clear) ultrasound 2/8/2014
Yustina Sibirskaya Rapsodia:
HCM Normal (clear) ultrasound 17/2/2018

*normal - does not have the condition or carry the gene

Kittens from Wesley can be registered with all registries. Kittens can be shown in the UK with GCCF, and FIFe; kittens should be able to be shown in all registries outside of the UK (subject to individual club policies).

Our thanks to Martina for this stunning boy.
For kitten plans check out our available page.