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Care of the Siberian Cat

4th May 2015 Admin


We like to ensure our kittens go to 5* INDOOR homes and that the transition from our home to yours goes as smoothly as possible. When a kitten becomes available details will be posted on our website, or via our newsletter.

Your kitten will need the following items:
A strong carrier that will accomodate a growing kitten into a medium large cat. We recommend the Cabrio Carrier
A cat bed
A suitable litter tray and scoop

When you pick up your kitten he/she will have been checked by a Vet twice and vaccinated for cat flu and enteritis. Other vaccinations can be completed if requested at additional cost.He/she will have had a course of worm treatments and treated with Advantage flea treatment.You will also be give food and litter he/she is used to.

All pet kittens will be neutered/spayed before leaving us. There will be NO exceptions. This will be done between 13 and 15 weeks and may result in your kitten being available a little later than usual. This is an additional cost which will be added to the kitten price. Currently the guide price is £100 which includes microchipping. Documents will be released when you collect your kitten.

We also send kitty home with a blanket he/she has been used to so that he/she has some familiar smells when he/she enters their new environment. It is best not to over fuss kitty the first night and give them a place of their own to settle in, usually a bedroom. If you have children, this is particularly important to minimise stress

We have a dedicated helpline if you need to ask us any questions in the first few weeks. We love you to keep in touch with us and we will post 'growing up' pictures on our blog. For comments from previous adopters read these

Please feel free to email or call and we will do our best to answer your questions contact us